Eric Ostroff is routinely interviewed on trade-secrets issues, and often writes about trade secrets for various publications:

Daily Business Review: Lessons for Employers from Obama’s Push Back Against Noncompetes

Law360: Glenn Beck Media Outlet Says Texas Suit Trumps Del. Filing

Law360: Glenn Beck’s News Outlet Says Ex-CEO Can’t Get Indemnity

Daily Business Review: Trade Secrets: Lessons from the Cardinals-Astros Hacking Scandal

Law360: 5 Questions in the Cardinals Hacking Scandal

Law360: Cruise Insurer Wins Injunction Against Ex-Workers

Law360: Arizona Deepens States’ Rift on UTSA Preemption

Entrepreneur: The ‘George Costanza’ Defense to Stealing Trade Secrets

Entrepreneur: Avoid These 6 Mistakes in Safeguarding Proprietary Information

Entrepreneur: Seeking Trade Secret Protection? Don’t Rely on a Label

Entrepreneur: 5 Ways to Shrink the Threat of an Employee’s Exit to Proprietary Info

The New York Times: Hedge Fund Spars With Nameless Blogger

Corporate Counsel: Labor and Employment in 2013: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Law360: 6 Key Ingredients for Pop-Up Restaurant Deals

Law360: Hotels, Celebrity Chefs Turn to New Option on Negotiation Table

Law360: 5 Ways to Craft an Ironclad Celebrity Chef Deal

Daily Business Review: Enforcing Noncompete and Nonsolicitation Agreements in Florida

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