The New Protecting Trade Secrets

The world is changing, and so is this blog. Some of these changes are visual — you can see our new site design. But more importantly, there will be some substantive changes as well.

This blog is not designed to be political. It exists to provide insight, advice, and timely legal updates to those interested in trade secrets and protecting proprietary information. But we’ve arrived at a place where this blog’s purpose has intersected with the political world.

I believe President Trump’s actions have put American companies’ trade secrets at risk. I’ve written about that several times, including here and here. I am going to continue to write about how the new administration’s actions affect companies looking to protect their proprietary information, for better or worse. But understand: this is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. Here, I am concerned only with how the President is (or hopefully isn’t) a threat to your trade secrets.

And I will, of course, continue my posts about recent caselaw, trade secrets in the news, and general advice.

I welcome any feedback about the new Protecting Trade Secrets.

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