Florida Amends Trade-Secrets Laws to Protect Financial Information

This week, Governor Rick Scott signed into law S.B. 180 and 182, broadening the definition of Florida’s criminal trade-secrets-theft statute to include financial information, and applying that definition to the trade-secrets exception to public-records laws. Section 812.081, Florida Statutes, criminalizes trade-secrets theft. Previously, the definition of “Trade Secret” did not explicitly reference financial information. As […]

“You’re going to accept this offer or we’re going to … take your company … and do it ourselves.”

Guest post by Solomon B. Genet. It is worth reading Bailey v. St Louis, if for no other reason than it is a good story where the good guys seem to have won, and the bad guys got smacked – and when I say “smacked,” I mean hit with an award of punitive damages. All […]

When Noncompetes Attack

Noncompete agreements aren’t always appropriate. This is a pretty simple concept that sophisticated companies don’t always grasp. I’ve written often about how noncompete agreements can be a company’s most powerful tool to protect its trade secrets and proprietary information. But only if the employee has access to trade secrets and proprietary information. When a big company takes a blunderbuss approach […]