Beekeepers Show How Not To Protect Trade Secrets

Trade-secret misappropriation actions, not surprisingly, require discovery into the trade secrets at issue. This can create problems, particularly when the action is being litigated between competitors. In a recent case out of Nebraska, the plaintiff appears to be facing a pretty terrible choice: either disclose its proprietary information to a competitor, risk discovery sanctions, or […]

Are We Headed for a Landmark Florida Supreme Court Non-Compete Case?

A few months ago, I wrote about a Florida appellate case holding that referral sources qualify as legitimate business interests under Florida’s restrictive covenant statute (Section 542.335, Fla. Stat.). On New Year’s Eve, a different Florida appellate court disagreed, setting up a possible appeal to Florida’s Supreme Court. InĀ Hiles v. Americare Home Therapy, Inc.,Ā Florida’s 5th […]