Federal Circuit Addresses Uniform Trade Secrets Act Discovery Rule

In Phillip M. Adams & Assoc., LLC v. Dell Computer Corp., 2013 WL 1092719 (Fed. Cir. March 18, 2013), the Federal Circuit addressed the discovery rule applicable to Utah’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA). The plaintiff had patents and trade secrets relating to a process for detecting data-corruption defects in floppy disks. One of the […]

Trade Secrets in the Cloud: Stormy Weather?

This is the first in a series of posts addressing trade secrets in the age of cloud computing. As companies increasingly turn to the cloud to store content, I’ve been considering the implications for trade-secret protections. Mostly, I have been thinking about how companies should restrict sharing of data and documents through services such as […]

The Final Four . . . Categories of People That Threaten Your Trade Secrets

Since everyone is focused on filling out brackets to identify the final four, let’s also take a look at  four important categories of people who threaten trade secrets: Employees, customers, vendors, and visitors. Employees: No group poses a greater threat to trade secrets than employees. Virtually all companies with employees must share some proprietary information […]

Ten Ways Businesses Can Protect Their Trade Secrets

Since the purpose of this blog is to provide information that makes it easier for companies to protect their trade secrets and proprietary information, let’s get started with a list of steps that businesses should take to protect their trade secrets: Noncompete agreements. Make sure all key employees (or, ideally, all employees who have access to […]

Welcome to the Trade Secrets Law Blog!

Hello there. In this blog, I hope to provide information about and insight into protecting trade secrets and proprietary information. I will discuss legal developments, including court decisions addressing the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, common-law trade-secret protections, and related topics such as noncompete agreements. I will also address practical issues companies face, and offer advice […]